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Buying Questions
Q: What do I do first?
A: Talk to a bank to get pre-qualified.
Q: What is a pre-qualification?
A: When you visit a Lender, they will get your name, social security number, source of income, how long you've been on the job, amount of your income, a quick list of assets and liabilities, and will discuss what payment you are comfortable making. With this information the Lender will survey a number of different types of financing programs and find the one(s) that best suit your needs and abilities.
Q: How much do I have to put down?
A: The amount of down payment required will vary depending on each individual basis.
Q: What are the different types of financing available?
A: There are many different types of financing programs, but basically there are 2 types: Conventional and Special loans. Special loans, such as FHA cater especially to first time homebuyers with their low or no down payment programs. VA loans available for veterans; and various conventional loans too numerous to mention, some of which also offer 100% financing.
Q: What types of special programs are going on in Benton Harbor?
A: MSHDA, Hope, Morton Hill, Habitat for Humanity and others. There are special programs also for those purchasing historical homes and winterization programs for qualified homeowners. Also a few banks are offering $3,500.00 towards down payment assistance on a first come, first serve basis in the Spring of 08. The assistance for 07 has already been used up. Contact us to find out more information on the various programs available for Benton Harbor residents and home buyers.
Q: Are land contracts available?
A: We offer land contracts for a few properties to Buyers who have a permanent full time job and/or regular income, and a minimum down payment of $4,500.00. The monthly payment would depend on the price of the house, the terms, and the interest rate agreed upon with the Seller.
Q: How long does the entire process of buying a home take?
A: About six weeks, although that will vary depending on each individuals situation.

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